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Vendor Managed Inventory

All of our Ambassador Product Line yarn programs are on our VMI system.  We custom build this to match the demands of inventory, ordering, and QC for each of our customers.  Contact us regarding building a program that works for your company.

Custom Color Matching

Unlike most dye companies, we do not match shades by doing "lab dips" in glass containers. Instead, our lab contains a miniature dye machine that is exactly the same as our production machines. This lab machine will dye 1 dye tube of yarn, and our repeatability from this to production for shades is over 98% on first match attempts. Typically, lead time for color matching using this service is about 1 - 2 weeks per shade.

Color Library Matching

Over the years, we have established dye formulas for over 6,000 various shades due to customer demands. The quickest way for us to match your custom color is for you to send us a sample of the shade you are seeking. We will then use our color library and spectrophotometer to determine if we already have a formula that closely matches your needs. If so, then we will send you a small sample of the shade for your approval. It is usually a 48 hour lead time for us to match shades using this method. If we do not have a close matched formula in our database, we will recommend custom color matching.