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February 11, 2008

  Ambassador Line Marks Fifth Anniversary

Hickory, NC – Hickory Yarns, Inc (Hickory Dyeing and Winding) proudly celebrates its five-year anniversary for the Ambassador Product Line of yarns.  During this time, Hickory Yarns has solidified its supply chain for nylon, polyester, and acrylic yarns through a global sourcing network.  “It is very exciting to be able to achieve the same quality control standards for these products as with our own domestically made goods,” commented company President, Freddy Miller. “Hickory Yarns has spent considerable time working with its partners to provide the highest quality products available.” 

The Ambassador Product Line is a stock inventory program for customer specific yarns using a proprietary vendor managed inventory (VMI) control system.  “Hickory Yarns has a prime advantage in offering a two-tier solution for its customers,” offered the company’s Sales Director, Lee Spach. “We are able to produce goods in the US for efficient product development which transitions into quick production lead times for our customers. Then we can supplement and transition yarn programs to our Ambassador Product Line for those that require more cost effective measures.”   All Ambassador Product Line yarns are warehoused and quality control certified at Hickory’s production facility using the same standards and levels of scrutiny as with the Hickory Yarns Elite Product Line.  

The Elite Product Line is 100% Made in the USA and guaranteed by Hickory Yarns using custom Certificate of Origin and Manufacturer Affidavits it co-developed with US Customs officials. Hickory Yarns provides its customers with a certificate of origin with each shipment of goods.  Spach affirmed, “We believe there is no better way to guarantee country of origin for our customers than with each shipment detailing the exact product ID, customer purchase order, and other order specific information.”