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About Us

Hickory Yarns was founded by Grady Miller, Sr. in 1937 operating under the name of Hickory Dyeing and Winding Company.  Mr. Miller a textile chemistry graduate from Georgia Tech. began dyeing yarn in a bathtub in the basement of his home. 

As business grew so did the manufacturing facility which we still occupy today.  Mr. Miller passed the business on to his three sons, Grady Miller Jr., Dick Miller, and Fred Miller, Sr.

All of the sons obtained various textile degrees from North Carolina State University (NCSU) and continued to develop the company in many diverse markets using their collective efforts for over 30 years. 

In 1997, Freddy Miller, Jr., who obtained a textile chemistry degree from NCSU in 1982, purchased Hickory Dyeing and Winding retiring his father and surviving uncle.

With this change Freddy also shortened the name of the company down to Hickory Yarns, Inc.  because the company was transitioning into more than just a yarn dyeing and throwing operation.

By 2002, Hickory Yarns began to establish itself as a global sourcing company for additional yarn products while continuing to manufacture dyed nylon and polyester yarns.

Today, Hickory Yarns continues to produce Elite® and Patriot® product line yarns at its original facility in Hickory, NC while importing Ambassador® product line yarns globally.  We are fully prepared to provide multi-tier customer solutions for the global textile market and other industries.