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Hickory Yarns offers a variety of Nylon and Polyester yarns that are dyed at our facility in Hickory, NC and a wide range of products imported through our global sourcing network

Elite® Product Line

100% Made in the USA! products are guaranteed utilizing Certificate of Origin and Manufacturer Affidavits co-developed with US Custom officials. Each shipment contains correct legal documentation.  Our Elite Product Line consists of various high stretch Type 66 Nylon and high stretch Polyester yarns.

Ambassador® Product Line

Imported through our global sourcing network. Customer specific import yarn programs using proprietary vendor managed inventory system (VMI).  Quality Control standards are same as Elite yarn produced at Hickory Yarns, Inc.  All products  pass pre-shipping quality certification by Hickory Yarns before goods are shipped to our USA warehouse. 

Patriot® Product Line

Customer specific engineered yarn products manufactured at our plant in Hickory, NC.  These products consist of various textured, flat, bright, semi-dull, dull, trilobal, dyed, natural, and other specialty yarns like Alphasan, CoolMax, Cordura, etc.. Contact us to custom develop a yarn for your needs.